JCA Inventories is your ideal choice for a complete determination of the value of the inventory currently on hand at your facility. Our staff will conduct a complete physical count of all areas requested. Medications housed in automated delivery systems such as Pyxis, Robots, AutoMed, and others, are accounted for using the reporting functions associated with each system. In most cases this information can be collected electronically and compiled and priced using our exclusive, custom software package. The entire on site process normally takes less than four hours. Once the information has been collected, it is valued using your contract prices, provided to us in advance by your wholesaler. Direct pricing will be applied to items purchased in this manner (price lists must be supplied by your purchasing agent or pharmacy director/manager). The final report is delivered in fewer than 10 business days, in the format you choose. Our current format of choice is a .PDF file accompanied by an Excel spread sheet, delivered via email. This affords you the ability to forward the report to the finance department or anyone who may require a copy. No more photocopying a 200 page report. MS Access, CSV, and .TXT, as well as a hardcopy notebook are among the other reporting options. If you are interested in more information about our services, please call, email, or write using the contact information below. For an immediate bid or quote for your pharmacy, click the “Request a Bid” link from the Menu bar on the left. Fill in all the requested information. We will contact you promptly!


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